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Home Women of the 1960s Styles – An Overview. In the 1960s, hair trends tended towards soft, romantic styles, typically worn by mature women. Hair of this period was generally chosen to compliment the natural shade of one’s skin tone, and usually had some degree of subtle color to make it look appealing. Hair at home in the 1960s typically involved thick layers, and was either kept up with using Hair products like gels and hairspray, or left natural and allowed to fall naturally. Hair of this era was also colored a variety of colors and often appeared to be highlighted with mousse.

In 1960s styles women went to great lengths to find ways to keep their Hair looking fabulous. Without a hat to attract attention to a lady’s face, 1960s styles quickly became a pastime for women on the Space Age. The flirty “flowery” look was all the rage, and short hair wasn’t long enough to be shown off. Hair length even rose dramatically from shoulder to cheekbones, only to fall back to shoulder once the decade went digital. Today, we take our styles for granted, but back in those days a proper style meant something – and always meant something – to that individual.

The 1960s were a decade when people went from wearing their hair long to short, to straight to wavy, to curly. They also colored their Hair in many different colors and wore a lot of hats. One of the best Model ideas for this decade was the bouffant look. This is a head full of spikes that look like they are growing out of your scalp. This style has been popular ever since it was first introduced in movies, and even into real Model, but it never really went out of style.

In the 1960s styles for women took on a new focus. No longer were thin, short haired women doomed to adorn a Hair brush in a ponytail and wear an old lady’s hat to work. With the introduction of “the pill” and the birth of the much younger generation, designs for women were no longer solely determined by what went on around them. A head full of hair, however, was still a sure way to impress.

1960’s Styles

1960’s styles were a much-loved time in Hollywood. Without a hat to pin the face of a woman into place, 1960s styles quickly became a main focus for fashionable women in the Space Age. The wavy, layered look was in and every woman who had a little hair went for it. The modern, straight-sided, buzz cut has been around ever since styles first became a major part of mainstream fashion. The faux hawk became one of the most popular looks, particularly for women who wanted to draw attention to certain facial features. The bouffant, popular among teens, brought the youthful girly appearance to the salon offering.

1960’s styles were defined by a variety of Hairdos that were either edgy or conservative depending on what the current fashion trends dictated. Without a large hat to attract attention to a lady’s face, 1960s styles quickly became a pastime for ladies in the Space Age. The round, slightly plait, short, and fast-growing bob were all the rage. The flirty open-ended bun was also a popular choice. The high-low, romantic up-do, which consisted of several layers of flowers, was a big hit as well.